“Look at the crews of any really high-end restaurants and you’ll see a group of mostly whippet-thin, under-rested young pups with dark circles under their eyes: they look like escapees from a Japanese prison camp—and are expected to perform like the Green Berets.” :: Bourdain.

“I will never be young again or younger than I am today. I will never be faster or more flexible. I will never win competitions against 22-year-old wrestlers in my weight class. I will never be a black belt. None of those things will happen. But none of that matters anymore.” :: Bourdain.

“No Brasil inteiro deve ter um milhão de pessoas que vivem na rua vendendo coisas. E essa noção de liberdade, se é falsa ou não, não importa. O cara no lixo diz: “Olha eu trabalho aqui, agora sábado eu não venho. Sábado eu faço feira, não sei o que.” Não ter um patrão. Para quem tem herança de escravidão é um troço essencial. Tudo no Brasil está ligado ao troço da escravidão. Isso pesa muito, entende? O horror ao trabalho é um troço que vem dos 350 anos de escravidão.” :: https://apublica.org/2014/02/tudo-eu-faco-e-contra-jornalismo/

“Paul Thomas Anderson and Quentin Tarantino are close friends and Anderson believes “Jackie Brown” represents Tarantino at his best. For Anderson, the way Tarantino scripts the relationship between Pam Grier and Robert Forster’s characters elevates “Jackie Brown” to the top of the list of Tarantino’s best movies. “It’s a film so cool and so breezy about middle aged people that feel the clock ticking,” Anderson has said of “Jackie Brown.” “It reduces me to tears. I consider Quentin a peer, but ‘Jackie Brown’ is a watermark for how to shoot and film a scene with delicacy and compassion. A beautiful film, beautifully done.” :: https://www.indiewire.com/gallery/paul-thomas-anderson-favorite-films-movies/jackie-brown-1997-4/

“The term “tulpa” seems to originate from Tibetan Buddhism. Samuel Veissière, an anthropologist and cognitive scientist at McGill University, describes tulpas as “imaginary companions who are said to have achieved full sentience after being conjured through ‘thoughtform’ meditative practice.” In other words, this is a benign hallucination.” :: https://nautil.us/blog/can-you-treat-loneliness-by-creating-an-imaginary-friend

“Drawing as much on David Lynch and Apocalypse Now as action films past, Day of Reckoning is suffused with dream logic and pulsing light effects that hypnotize and seduce even as blasts of splatter-punk gore jolt us awake. This push-pull effect—the ambivalence of being both sucked into and horrified by what we see—lies at the crux of the film’s “meta” exploration of primal violence, its dangerous allure, and the uneasy relationship it has with the action genre.” :: https://screenanarchy.com/2021/01/the-most-complete-fighter-the-films-of-scott-adkins-ranked-gallery.html