Parannoul (파란노을) – To See the Next Part of the Dream, 2021.

Tristeza e beleza shoegazer :: ” I still remember the first korean indie musician I heard. His music was so amateurish and difficult. The next musician I listened to had a great influence on my music life. However, his music was not promoted properly. Now they are all living their lives, disappearing from the Internet.
However, listening to their songs still reminds me of memories that never existed. Memories, recording alone in a small dark room, giving out a demo album to acquaintances, and forming a band in the club. Memories, in the early 2000s, when there was romance, performing at the Hongdae club with a few audiences, and then living each day without a plan. I’m sure I’ll never forget them forever.
I want to be a person like them, who is remembered and talked to for the rest of one’s life. Through these works, I want to leave a little trace of my own, no matter how stupid and anachronistic dream it may be.

This album can be said to be the answer to my dream.” ::